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BERVIN srl was established in Martina Franca and has been operating for a number of years in the world of men's fashion, becoming leader in the Ceremony sector thanks to a unwavering commitment to always stay a few steps ahead with new and cutting-edge working techniques giving life to a product 100% Made in Italy.

The Andrea Versali brand

Life is too short to waste it in fulfilling the dreams of others

Oscar Wilde

The Andrea Versali brand sets itself apart thanks to a modern and elegant ceremony collection, carefully designed in even the smallest of details, for the young and refined gentleman of marked personality and excellent taste.
House of Andrea Versali attire comes complete with waistcoat and tie, created using innovative and exclusive fabrics, micro pinstripe and technical satins making each prestigious piece perfect for those important occasions. The refined quality of the pieces is only possible due to the materials used and the technical ability of the craftsman at work

In the production process, tradition and technology come together effortlessly. Where the skillful and precise stitch quality meets an ever more sophisticated tailoring system. Our objective is to create a piece around the man, something unique and unmistakable. This is done through elegant and innovative design and impeccable fit, creating a tailor-made suit of your desired cut, fabric and various that is custom-made in taste and style.